Update! (What we have been doing lately)

Group of people with pile of hands

We are forming a coalition!

Update: Lots of projects are moving forward. We just had our second group meeting with Trust Montana folks (Missoula) and the new Community Land Trust (for agriculture land) being put together by Jill Davies of Sustainable Living Systems (Victor). This is the beginning of coalition-building toward our goal of acquiring Sleeping Child Hot Springs, and exploring the possibility of putting it into a land trust in order to keep it safe forever and also open to the public.
This summer we will also have a Missoula and Ravalli County resident Survey as the first part of a feasibility study — an evaluation and analysis of our project.
Our next meeting will be Monday, June 1, 6:00 pm at the Stevi Library meeting room (door to left of main entrance). If you would like to carpool from Hamilton, have any questions or would like to do more, call me, Dorinda Troutman at 363-1806.


One thought on “Update! (What we have been doing lately)

  1. On a 1973 visit to Hamilton, I visited Sleeping Child hot springs and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The bar had a window that opened onto the rock pool. You could get a drink and take it over to where the hot water was coming out of the rocks. That was about as relaxing as it gets.

    I was back in Hamilton in 2005,and was appalled to see the springs had been taken private and closed to the public. I wish you all the best in your efforts to open this resource to the public.


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